RWBY returns with beautiful new look

By: Matthew Walsh

Little Red Riding Hood walks through a moonlit forest. This might as well the start of the famous fairytale, but make no mistake, this is not that tale. The hooded figure reaches an outcropping of rocks and the camera pans, first presenting a moon, shattered for as time remembers. Next, a village, bathed in a flaming glow, ominous smoke rising at three points, screams of the innocent heard even half a mile out.

The Grimm.

As the figure’s silver eyed gaze looked out, a screech is heard from above. Two large, bird-like Grimm, Nevermores, pass over head, shadowy smoke trailing each flap of their massive wings. The figure turns her back to the two beasts, extending her arm. The item in her hand extends, details that would look at home on a sniper rifle appear first, followed by a small blade on what would’ve been the butt of the rifle. Finally, what would be a simple barrel had it not extended to that degree became a large scythe head.

The transformation of the High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe, Crescent Rose, into its signature scythe form has completed.

The figure flies into the air in a trail of rose petals, as if propelled by them. A third raven-like Nevermore flies below her. The figure plunges her scythe into the beast, riding it into the village and trailing rose petals along the way.

Ruby Rose, leader of the now disbanded team RWBY and survivor of the Battle of Beacon, is entering the fray.

RWBY is an Anime-inspired Action-Adventure series created the late great Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth Productions, of Red vs. Blue and Achievement Hunter fame. It stars the titular Team RWBY (pronounced Ruby) as they once trained to become the next generations of Grimm killing mercenaries at a school known as Beacon Academy, found in the kingdom of Vale.

But now Beacon has been overrun with Grimm; a massive, Wyvern-like Grimm dubbed Kevin by the Fandom (Or FNDM, as it has been called) having been suspended around the central tower, beckoning it’s fellow Grimm to join it.

Team RWBY, as mentioned earlier, has disbanded. Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, is forced to return to Atlas by her father. Blake Belladonna, an actual ninja, ran away. Yang Xiao Long, Ruby’s half-sister and resident boisterous bruiser, has become disarmed and depressed. And finally, Ruby Rose. She, along with another team, known as JNPR (Juniper), have been travelling by foot to Haven Academy, located in the Kingdom of Mistral.

What makes Volume 4 different from its predecessors is its animation software. Previously the series was made using the software known as Poser. Now it’s being made using the software known as Maya. Now, let’s not pretend to know everything about the two softwares, but watching the new trailer and comparing it to previous Volumes? The differences show.

Something you may notice first is the lighting. Originally Ruby’s skin would seem to glow, but now it seems to be lighted like any other thing. Another is the detailing. Sure Grimm had details, but never had we seen so clearly the fur of Beowolves, or the many feathers of a Nevermore. We especially haven’t seen the wispy smoke scene coming off of them.

Overall, RWBY Volume 4 is looking great. You can catch the first episode on October 22 … if you have a Rooster Teeth FIRST membership. Otherwise you can watch it the next day if you have a free membership to the site, or a week later if you prefer YouTube. Speaking of which, you can watch the original four trailers as well as the first three volumes there.

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