Storyline, gameplay lag in Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

The promo for Just Cause 3 is “Set the World on Fire,” and in the game, you certainly do that. It’s a  game that is Grand Theft Auto, but in another country and mostly plays on open world destruction and less on story. Just Cause 3 is one of the most daring games out this year, but it doesn’t necessarily deliver in all aspects.

In Just Cause 3, you play as Rico Rodriguez, a “Dictator removal specialist” bent on removing Sebastian Di Rovello from the tropical country of Medici. Rico receives new gadgets that have not been implemented in the previous two games of the series, the wingsuit and his tethering ability.

The wingsuit is a major upgrade to the game mobility wise, and it makes transport easier and faster. With the addition of the DLC pack that was released in early March, you can fire a Bavarian machine gun and missile launcher, making it easy to take enemy forts and bases down with ease.

The grappling allows for you to take down enemies and structures seamlessly. Using the tethering ability, I could easily multi-task and keep oncoming hoards of enemies at bay while using the environment to my advantage.

The most fun I had while playing Just Cause was flying around and destroying the enemy bases that lie all around the map. The explosions that I heard were all but satisfying, and the fiery explosions that I witnessed were an overexaggerated success.

The story is the game’s weakest link. Overall, it’s a great idea, but the developers didn’t quite put their perfect ideas into the game. The Hitler-like dictatorship that Di Ravello plays is well thought out, however. The scenes where he imposes his vicious rule over his lesser generals and politicians are the most entertaining of the cutscenes and actually make me want to overthrow the dictator. Di Ravello is about the only well-played character in the game, and the ending involving him is great compared to some of the theatrical let downs this year.

The gameplay of Just Cause is a little bit of a let down, including the laggy gameplay after large explosions and take downs. It was frustrating when everything would start to slow down and the game would practically kill you off. Most of this happened during the town, village and military base liberations, which got really repetitive after a while.

Another drawback is the fact that it would take forever to blow stuff up and find hidden objects to complete the liberation, and since you had to liberate provinces before starting important missions, it got really boring. Some of the missions also were boring and unimaginative. It was always virtually the same mission in a different area of the map.

The war missions were also a fail. They are much easier than they should be and aren’t challenging at all. I was really disappointed after finishing them, and if they were well constructed, they could’ve really helped the game’s construction.

Overall, Just Cause 3 is a fun and exciting for the first couple of hours, but then it gets really repetitive and boring. The gameplay gets laggy and frustrating, and the story isn’t up to par, but the movement and overall destruction does have it’s moments. The wingsuit and grappling is a great innovation to the game, but overall, the game is a little bit of a disappointment.

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