Runner’s Flat offering discounts for students

By: Hannah Sanderman

The Runner’s Flat, a specialty running store that makes its home downtown, gives a 20 percent discount to students who will be using their shoes for an organized school sport.

Scott Gall, who owns The Runner’s Flat along with his wife Sarah, a former CFHS track star, gives student athletes discounts for lots of different reasons.

Growing up, Gall’s parents were determined to provided shoes for athletics for him and his siblings.

“I grew up with three sisters, and we were all in sports,” Gall said. “My parents worked hard to keep us housed, fed and in warm clothes. Adding shoes for sports into the mix was something that added time and effort to both my parents’ plates. We want to help parents who are helping their kids in sports.”

Many high schoolers also have jobs and are required to pay for extras, including running shoes. Gall wants to help these athletes out with the discount as well.

On the other hand, some student athletes have schedules cram packed with extracurriculars.

“Some athletes may be involved in many extracurricular opportunities and unable to work because of time constraints,” Gall said. “We want to help those who work hard in school and in sports by offering discounts to them as a reward for hard work.”

Both Galls have seen and experienced the benefits of students being involved in sports during high school.

They want to help give this opportunity to all student athletes who come into their store.

“We realize the incredible positives of youth being in organized sports,” Gall said. “From learning to work hard to teamwork, we want to do our part to encourage and support athletes who are working hard and learning positive life-skills.”

Junior Miranda Simpson is a frequent customer at The Runner’s Flat, and the discount they give student athletes is one of the reasons she keeps coming back.

“Being a student athlete, I go through a lot of running shoes,” Simpson said. “So when I have to get a new pair a couple times a year, it’s nice to save a little money each time.”

Another reason why Simpson continues to buy at The Flat is the top notch customer service.

“They always make sure you get what you need and what’s best for each individual person,” Simpson said.

Not a lot of athletic stores give discounts to students, so by helping students and their families save some cold hard cash, the store is also gaining loyal customers.

“Getting a discount from The Runner’s Flat makes me want to buy shoes from them every time,” Simpson said.

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