Runner’s Flat hosting Monthly Mayhems

Runners arrived at Jackson Township for a fun run through trails Monday night at 8 p.m. Monthly Mayhem is an adventure run held monthly by The Runner’s Flat. This month’s location was Jackson Township. Runners were able to enjoy a run that took about an hour and 20 minutes with varying elevation.

The Runners Flat posted pictures on their Facebook and Instagram pages of the run and many runners commented about how much they enjoyed the run. 

One of the runners, Stefi Teil, commented on The Runners Flat’s Facebook post and said, “That was the best.I hope these night runs can happen more often! Thank you for all your work on the trail to get it ready for us!” 

Many other runners also commented about how much they enjoyed the run as well. People were very thankful for Scott Gall, the owner of The Runner’s Flat and men’s cross country coach, and his team for helping put this together.

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