Teens embracing Black Friday from other side of checkout lines: First time worker looking forward to extra pay

By: Olivia Martin

While most people are filling up their tummies of turkey and ham and falling into a very deep sleep, people like me are getting ready for the Black Friday rush.

I work at the Waterloo Super Target and plan on working during the most chaotic weekend of the year. Working on this day is pretty much a sacrifice because it is a lot of work to be done and a lot of time taken out.

Although it’s hard work, it is time and a half pay, so I’m definitely fine with working. My goal for Black Friday is to stay as calm as I can and help as many people as possible. I have never worked on a Black Friday before, so I’m kind of nervous about it, through all the stories of people getting killed on Black Friday because  of how many people want a certain thing and will definitely kill for it, but on the other hand I am really excited for it because of the rush and business of it all and also the extra money.

I normally don’t work as a cashier, but I’m pretty positive that’s what I’ll have to do, due to all the people coming in, and I’ll have to be there for extra help. I’m not really nervous to work as a cashier because I have all the training. I’m more concerned on if I get to have a break or not because we’ll be so busy, but the excitement for Black Friday for me is definitely through the roof.

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