With a Click of a Button: Senior magnifies small worlds

amb.Plant in a Crevice amb.IMG_9828 amb.IMG_9824 amb.Under the Mushroom's CapBy: Amna Haider

Artist of the Week -Ambrosia Sanders

The crunch of gravel sounds as senior Ambrosia Sanders ambles along the track behind the school. There is  a camera in her dainty hands, and her eyebrows are scrunched in determination. Her eyes dart across uneven ground. Crouching down against the grass, she adjusts her finger over the shutter button and presses down. Click.

Sanders has been taking photos ever since she took photography last year. Her pictures tend to focus on a single object. When Sanders is out taking photographs she focuses on finding distinctive angles. “I try to look for that would give me an interesting view from an unique angle. So, even if it is something small, I would position the camera on the ground and take the photo from the bottom to make it look bigger. For example, if I was to take pictures of a small stream, then it would look longer and more interesting because there’s more depth to it rather than just from above or straight ahead.”

Most of Sanders’ photographs focus on angles and colors; both are equally crucial to her. “I prefer angles that look up, if you could tell by my pictures. I also tend to favor those ones especially if they have a nice color balance.” She prefers taking pictures of secluded areas in nature rather than of objects in everyday life. “I tend to take pictures of forests or nature because I feel like it’s easier to find something interesting that way rather than to create it yourself. It just looks less artificial. It’s easier when there’s already color out in nature that works together rather than to have to create it yourself because then you don’t have to worry about having something clash with anything else.”

“I think I will take photos in the future. For me, it’s defintely easier to take photos if you’re someone who travels a lot because you would always see something different. So, you would always have different types of pictures rather than somebody who always stays in one place. If you stay in one place, even if you don’t want to, you’ll always think of visiting the same place even if you don’t want to. It’s the only place you see. It’s kind of hard to take pictures if you’re not travelling a lot.”

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