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Students at Cedar Falls High School this week couldn’t miss the inspirational quotes taped to every locker in the school. All 962 of them. This was done by none other than senior Daphne Becker.

What started as a simple scolarship application at dosomething.org turned into a massive project for Becker, who had to put around four hours of work outside of school to put all of the quotes up.

“For the scholarship, I only had to do two or three quotes,” Becker said. “With all of the negativity in the school recently, I thought that it should become more of a positivity thing.”

In order to spread the inspirational quotes around the school, Becker had to stay more than three hours after school on Monday, and she came in about an hour before school started on Tuesday.

Counselor Erin Gardner appreciates the positive impact these quotes could have on students’ lives.

“I love all of the positive quotes around the school. I wish we could have things like this up all year long,” Gardner said. “They can brighten someone’s day or help them think of a negative situation in a positive way.”

While there are multiple quotes, Becker said she hopes that every student can find one to connect with.

“There are 47 different quotes, and, obviously, not every quote is going to resonate with every person,” Becker said, “but if every person can resonate with at least one quote, I think the whole school can be a much more positive place.”

If students take the time to look at the quotes from extremely successful people as they are walking to their next class, students can have a much more positive and motivated outlook on the rest of their year and can carry that onto their lives outside of school.

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