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By: Sierra Steen

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 8.19.13 AMBEST APPETIZERS:

Perkins and Toads Bar and Grill

When you just can’t wait for your main dish to come out, an appetizer is a great way to tide you down until then. I have both Perkins and Toads listed due to two factors: price and quality. After 9 p.m. every night, Perkins serves appetizers at half price, which is a huge relief for students who need that late night snack without draining their bank accounts. Personally, I love Toads and their appetizers. The restaurant itself is a great place to go watch the game while dining on delicious bar food. Their mozzarella sticks are the best in Cedar Falls, and they have the crowd-pleasing Garbage Basket, as strange of a dish as that sounds. (Contents pictured to left.) 


Brown Bottle and Montage

I am a huge fan of pasta. It comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you can pair it with so many different types of sauces and meats in order to create a plate unique to your taste. I can personally say that Brown Bottle is my favorite, but Montage is also a popular local location. You can never go wrong with the lasagna, and I always get the vegetarian version. No matter which place you go, it’s safe to say you’ll be happy with what you get.

Fork-and-Knife-Thanksgiving-PropsBEST BURGERS:

La Calle

There’s a slight disclaimer on this review — I don’t eat burgers. Knowing that burgers are a popular food item amongst people everywhere, I decided to ask around in order to get the best review I could. La Calle was my top choice for this due to its originality, and it deserves to be better known. It’s a small restaurant on College Hill that serves Latin American food, unique to other local joints. My stepdad always orders the turkey burger, a healthier option that comes with an egg on top of a juicy patty, and when you pair it with a side of beer-battered fries (my personal favorite), your taste buds will be thanking you. 

If you’re not a fan of burgers like me but still want to check out La Calle, I also believe they have the best tacos in town. I really reccommend the  pulled chicken tacos.


Soho Sushi Bar & Deli

If I had to give a best food overall award, it would easily go to Soho. I go here about once a week, and I never get tired of it. They have 30+ types of sushi there, and even if you’re not a fan of raw fish (like me), they have six different vegetarian options. My favorites off the menu are the broccoli roll, which comes with slivers of almonds and a spicy miso ginger sauce; the grilled asparagus roll topped with dried tomatoes, goat cheese and a side of balsamic reduction sauce; and the fried asparagus for a starter. I highly reccommend Soho for date nights, whether platonic or romantic, as it has a quiet and nice atmosphere and delicious food that will satisfy even the pickiest tastebuds.

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From the drinks to the cozy atmosphere, Sidecar won over my heart. Sidecar is the perfect place for meetups, dates, homework, you name it. The staff there is also extremely friendly and always make your drink just right. Although plain coffee is good, I’m partial to coffee with sugar, flavoring and, of course, the whip cream on top. My all-time favorite here is the Frank Sinatra , a hot beverage with piercing blue eyes, and the iced white chocolate mocha for when you need to cool down.












Sub City

Sandwiches are always a good go-to option when you’re hungry and on the road. You can get a sandwich really anywhere in Cedar Falls, but Sub City stands out from the rest due to its location, quality and price. Now, it may be a little more pricey than a chicken sandwich you can get at a gas station, but it’s nothing too ridiculous, averaging at about $5-$8 a sandwich. Lucky for CFHS students, Sub City is located on College, making it an easy and quick place to grab lunch during Power Hour. The meats and cheeses are fresh, the bread is perfectly baked and there are many healthy options to choose from, making this joint a local favorite amongst many.

popcorn-flying21BEST TAKE-HOME DESSERTS:

Here’s What’s Poppin and Scratch Cupcakery

As an avid lover of popcorn, Here’s What’s Poppin is my go-to place when I need something to cure my sweet tooth. It’s a favorite of mine due to it being a healthier option than most desserts and being great quality at a low price. Plus, they give out free samples and punch cards that earn you free popcorn, which I take major advantage of. My personal favorite here is Opposites Attract, their delicious Chicago-style (cheese and caramel) popcorn. If you’re looking for something more classic for dessert, walk right down the street to Scratch Cupcakery, a local joint that has earned a place in every Cedar Falls native’s heart. With many different flavors to choose from, each being featured on its own set day of the week, you’re sure to find at least one that you’ll fall in love with.











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