Check out these 10 sources for credible news

Objectivity is important in journalism because the audience needs to be able to make its own opinion based on the facts. It can be hard to find a newsource completely unbiased. With this rise of technology, it is becoming harder for the youth to find these unbiased news sources on their own. Here are the top 10 neutral news sources.

C-Span- Stands for cable satellite public affairs network. Unbiased political coverage. Comes with cable. Variety of topics presented. 


Bloomberg- News source based in New York city. Presents a unique space for opinions. Stocks, crypto, software.

BBC news- British broadcasting corporation. Journalism around the globe. Reliable information regarding COVID 19. “Reality check” section debunks popular journalistic rumors. Has a vast audience. 


Forbes- Owned by the Forbes family. Stay up to date on science and technology based articles. Produces lists that rank everything from billionaires to colleges. Slight right leaning in some circumstances, but overall reliable source. Economics are completely unbiased.


The Guardian- British daily newspaper. Does not claim to be completely neutral in all circumstances. This source skews a bit left. Environment, politics, sports and culture.


NBC- Some reports are left leaning. The facts are the main point. Very strict on ethical viewpoints. Business, politics, health and pop culture.


NPR- Stands for national public radio. Labeled left leaning. Publicly and privately funded, non profit. National world news, business, science, technology, music, arts and culture. NPR news is updated hourly. 


Reuters- London and England based. Trusted news source. Journalism is not based on opinion. Politics, terrorism, financial, buissness and sports.

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