Snapchat interruption draws ire

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.25.26 AMWhen Snapchat service was blocked early Wednesday, students quickly and angrily looked for someone to blame, but as it turns out, district officials were equally surprised by the development.

Supervisor of technology services of the Cedar Falls School district Shane Paige said, “I can assure you no app or service was banned or removed by the district.  In those situations, it takes more than one person to make the decision to blacklist or whitelist something on the network.  We have been discussing another issue with our firewall provider that we believe is related to an update done about a week ago.  The support reps are looking into that issue right now.  Our suspicion is that both issues are related to each other. We hope to have this resolved soon.”

— Tiger Hi-Line (@TigerHiLine) May 1, 2014

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