Athletes prepare during off season

Since all of the fall sports are over, CFHS athletics are starting to shift attention toward winter and spring sports.

With the first CFHS men’s basketball game still a few weeks away and practice just having started on Monday, some of the players were looking to get a head start by participating in basketball open gym. Open gym is sort of like a pickup game, but more organized, and anyone can participate.

“It helps them to get used to the movements and the skills that will be necessary as our season arrives. It also helps them begin to condition themselves for competitive basketball,” men’s basketball head coach Ryan Schultz said. “I think it also begins to create a team atmosphere.”

Women’s basketball also has their own open gym, but they play on different nights or at different times.

Basketball is not the only sport that has open gym, however. Many soccer players participate in their own open gym. It is played in the south gym, but sometimes, when there are more participants, the north gym is needed. Men’s and women’s soccer players both participate.

Sophomore Aaron Iehl also said he thinks that open gym helps to prepare athletes for their respective seasons.

“It helps people get back from other sports and shift their focus back onto soccer,” Iehl said. “It is a fun atmosphere where we get to hang out and play without any pressure.”

Open gym is not the only way for students to prepare for winter and spring sports, however.

Engineering teacher and head men’s track and field head coach Dirk Homewood runs an after school weight lifting program to help students prepare for a wide variety of sports.


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