‘Hunger Games’ relevant to today’s America

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In the Hunger Games, there’s something eerie about the portrayal of the capital. Maybe it’s the fact that this small elite group rules the futuristic country of Panem, controlling the surrounding districts and standing by while they starve. Maybe it’s because their greatest concern is new fashion trends, as they modify their bodies according to the latest trend and become utterly absorbed with their own appearance. Maybe it’s because they find it entertaining to watch the televised torture of their own youth as they fight to the death.

Or maybe it’s eerie because it’s so familiar. The wealthy of America are becoming more divided from the poor. The few on top having more control than those on bottom. Materialism has also been running rampant in America for quite a while. College students prioritize wealth over job satisfaction, and it seems acquiring “more stuff” is a goal far too many have in mind.

And while Americans may not watch their youth fight to the death, our own reality television can be just as painful to watch. Shows like Toddlers in Tiaras, My Super Sweet Sixteen and Teen Mom 2 exemplify reality shows at their finest — or rather, their worst.

The Hunger Games is relevant in today’s world — not just in terms of cruel dictatorships halfway around the world but in terms of relativity to what could come.

Tiger Hi-Line Staff

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