Opinion: Hank Williams Jr. fired, fair?

Jared Hylton/Sports Editor

Hank Williams Jr., who every Monday night is featured on ESPN at the start of Monday Night Football, was recently fired for comparing Barack Obama to Hitler when he was featured on Fox’s Morning Show.

Williams said Obama playing golf with Speaker of the House John Boehner was like Hitler playing golf with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Although Williams is not a direct employee of ESPN, he is recognized as being closely related to ESPN.

“We are extremely disappointed with [Williams] comments,” ESPN said.

ESPN immediately pulled Williams’ intro. Williams told national media that he was just using the analogy to make a point and that it was supposed to seem a little over-the-top.

“My analogy was a little extreme-but it was to make a point. . . They don’t see eye-to-eye and never will,” Williams said.

Later in the show, Williams referred to Obama and Boehner as the “three stooges”.

Brian Kilmeade, one of the three hosts, quickly pointed out that Obama and Boehner are two people making Williams’ look silly.

I think Williams’ comments were out of line.

To compare our president and the face of America to Hitler, arguably the world’s most hated criminal, is ridiculous.

Some opinions don’t need to be expressed on national television, and that’s one of them.

It is in ESPN’s best interest not to associate themselves with Williams, who could diminish ESPN’s look.

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