Cross country teams place 1st at Districts, on to State

Lindsey Davis/Staff Writer

After three months of hard work every day, it’s time again for boys and girls state cross country.

Both are some of the top teams in Iowa, and as they look forward to State, girls coach Don Williams notes what is needed for a title.

“To win State, we need to have five girls running under 15:00, with the top two running around 14:10,” he said.

Clearly, this is a very specific goal. As the girls train for State, they are doing some of the hardest workouts of the year.

Fortunately, the team is taking care of their bodies and staying healthy.

It’s important for them to learn how to deal with exhaustion.

“When you train as hard as we do, you are always on the verge of injury, but fortunately we have been pretty lucky with sickness and injury.

The girls are eating healthy and getting rest to stay on top of their game,” Williams said.

Williams credits the success of his team to their solid efforts and experience.

He also said that depth is a quality that makes them stronger.

“Our top JV girls have been pushing the pace and would make varsity on most teams in the state.

This team cares about each other and the success of the team.

That makes them special,” Williams said.

The team as a whole has an admirable work ethic.

Training every day causes for wear and tear on the body, but it only makes the runner stronger.

“To win State, it’s going to take determination, hard work and most of all a strong race as a team,” top runner Allison Gregg said.

She says that the team has been working very hard at practice and are working on their mental toughness, which is just as important as physical performance.

Just as the women’s team is working towards State, the men’s team is as well.

“To win a title, we need to get healthy, run our best and hope that we get a few breaks to go our way,” coach Troy Becker said.

Becker also said he believes the team will peak at the right time, which will improve their chances of winning.

Recently, the boys have won the Metro meet, Super meet and Conference.

Very impressive considering one of their top runners, Andrew Halloran, has been out the past few weeks.

The team is hoping he will be back at full strength for State.

“I’m running less than usual while still getting in quality workouts, taking iron supplements and making sure to eat healthy and get more sleep than usual to get my iron and thyroid level back to normal, which will hopefully get me running 100 percent at State,” Halloran said.

Becker also said he thinks the team has the guts to improve their chances of winning.

”Determined, hard working, character, pride and competitive come to mind when I think of this group.

They will do whatever they can to achieve their goals,” Becker said.

Both teams have been training hard all year to get to this point of the season.

They know what it will take to achieve their goals and are working towards it every day.

“It’s going to take an incredible effort from the whole team, and everyone is going to have to run so fast they puke their guts out,” junior runner Jaime Zarate said.

Both teams placed first at Districts on Oct. 20. Gregg finished first with Brianna King following up for a second place finish.

Cassy Herkelman and Katie Halloran also finished top 10.

The men’s team took five of the top 10 places.

Matthew Adrian came in for third, Adam Streicher with a fourth and Zarate with fifth.

Mitch Hammer and Timothy Sevcik followed close behind.

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