Lunch picnics gain popularity

Sandra Omari-Boateng/Feature Editor

In an effort to avoid the lunch problem of not having enough time to eat out and spend quality time with friends without eating the same old school lunches, some staff and students are adding some zip to their Friday meals.

Lunch picnics are becoming more popular with students — mostly with just the people at their normal lunch table or group of friends. These students are bringing in different foods together to make sort of a potluck for their lunch. Each different person brings something to contribute, and everyone digs in and has a piece of everything.

One person who participates in the potlucks is junior Nicole Jeffrey.

“We call our picnics Friday Fundays. It was an idea from some of my friends that used to do this when they were in junior high. I guess I was just continuing the tradition,” Jeffrey said.

Another person who is familiar with these unique lunches is math teacher Ethan Wiechmann. From the start, he has been involved with the students to make these lunches such a success.

“This idea was brought up by students. I just walked into it being produced. The concept was simple. People would bring one item to share with the group, but the outcome was great. This started last year, and I got involved because any time students have a good idea I like to help facilitate it,” Wiechmann said.

One of the interesting parts of this whole thing is that each time there is a Friday Funday, there is always a specific theme that the students have.

“My favorite theme that we have is Chinese when we all order Chinese food and eat it at lunch,” Jeffrey said.

“Everyone is in charge of bringing something to go with the theme of that Friday.

I’m just glad I can be a part of it and enjoy the fact that the students came up with the idea to put a twist on something they wanted to change,” Wiechmann said.

“The best part about this is that we get to get away from school lunches and eat ‘real’ food,” Jeffrey said.

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