The new Facebook (again): Love it or hate it?

Diamond Spann/Staff Writer

Facebook has seen a number of changes lately, and user reactions have been varied and emotional.

Facebook engineering manager Mark Tonkelowitz made the changes to make it easier to keep up with the people no matter how frequently or infrequently users visit the site.

The new site takes some work to figure out.

“It’s too confusing and doesn’t help at all. I liked the other profile better,” junior Aaron Parsons said.

However, with a little time, students are catching on.

“Facebook is slower, but very easier to use.

I learned how to use it while everyone was complaining about it,” junior Mckenzie Pint said.

Facebook may lose some of its users to other networking sites like Twitter, Tumblr and the new Google+, but it might also bring more older users to make an account for business purposes or to get families together.

“I really like the new site, I don’t have a problem with it because I’m mostly on my phone when I need to get on Facebook,” counselor Erin Gardner said.

Some of the Facebook changes are: Larger pictures, new posts that went up since users last logged on are marked with small blue triangles in the upper left, as if users had folded down the corner, and now there’s a moving “ticker” along the right margin: “See what your friends are up to right now.”

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