Student creates comic website:

Everyone has a favorite pastime, whether it be scrapbooking, going for a late night run, or just reading the Sunday comics. But senior Sam Mayer prefers not to just read the comics — he takes doodling to the next level by drawing his own comic every hour. Mayer displays his multitude of comics on his website, (spelled inaccurately on purpose).

The website features not only comics, but an “About Me” and a “Blogblogblog” section. contains links to his comics for each day, with one per hour, but how does he find time to do this during school?

“I’m not really sure how I get the time to do all of the comics. I just keep a notebook and draw comics made out of stick figures when I have the time,” Mayer said. “The website updates are on a one-week lag. I upload them to a server script, and then it goes from there for the hourly updates.”

Mayer also added that he updates his comics a week in advance to prevent interrupted service over holidays or anything else that might come up.

Creating and continually updating a website requires some knowledge about technology. Mayer learned most of the technology over the summer by opening up a text editor and starting with some basic coding and programming.

“I learned how to do most of this out of a textbook,” Mayer said.

As for drawing comics, Mayer has pursued this hobby for many years, or as he put it, “since I stopped eating crayons.”

But despite Mayer’s talent for drawing comics, the chances of Mayer pursuing a career in it are slim.

“I got accepted into Iowa State University’s engineering program, so I will most likely be having a career as an engineer, but I still want to continue writing and drawing comics on the side,” Mayer said. Throughout this school year, Mayer plans to continue his passion of drawing comics through his website.

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