Snooki rights her nu buk

Rachel Sharkey/Staff Writer

The fist pumping cast of Jersey Shore are not exactly known for their abundance of intelligence. They are known for shockingly tanned skin, trashy lifestyles and crazy night clubbing.
Party girl cast member Nicole Polizzi, aka “Snooki,” easily fits the ditzy guidette profile.

She believes fried pickles are the best things to ever be invented. She also believes her ethnicity is tan and not Caucasian.

Viewers of the show have seen and heard Snooki’s ditziness first hand. She says the most outrageous things on the show.

“That’s why I don’t eat lobster or anything like that cause they’re alive when you kill it,” Snooki said.

Even more intelligently, “Sympathetic. Word of the day … that’s a big word,” Snooki said.

It is obvious that Snooki is not a book-smart girl, so fans were shocked to hear that she was writing a book.

“I wasn’t aware that she read books, let alone wrote them,” sophomore Alex DeMartino said.

Snooki has allegedly read only two books in her life.

“I think it’s funny that she’s writing a book because nobody on that show seems qualified to write a book, but it should be interesting,” junior Josh Fristo said.

Her book is set for release in early 2011 and is titled A Shore Thing. The book is about searching for love on the Jersey Shore.

A Shore Thing will also include, “big hair, dark tans and fights galore,” according to Gallery Books, the book’s publisher.

Fans are awaiting the release date to see if Snooki’s book will be a good read.

“I think she will be aided through the whole process, but if she had to on her own, it wouldn’t get too far,” Fristo said.

With Snooki having such a bad reputation on her intelligence, it makes one wonder if readers will even pick up A Shore Thing, but her fans seem to follow her everywhere.

“Yeah, I’ll probably read it out of curiosity,” DeMartino said.

“I’m not much of a reader, but I would check it out for a laugh or two,” Fristo said.

Snooki seems to have joined the latest craze of branching out and branding yourself. Only time will tell if the the ditzy brunette will make it big on her own. For now fans can only wait in anticipation to read her amazing, or not so amazing, new read.

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