Quran burning threats ignore price of freedom

We at the Tiger Hi-Line love the First Amendment.

It entitles the freedom of speech, press, assembly and religion. This freedom is our power to reach the people.

But with our power and freedom we must act responsibility. That’s why we believe that Rev. Terry Jones of Gainsville, Fla., should not go through at all with the plans to burn Qurans like he originally planned on Sept. 11.

The act of burning this book will only fuel the fire for more hate between the United States and the followers of Islam around the globe.

We think that Rev. Jones should instead use his power as a leader to promote peace and tolerance of other’s religious beliefs.

Spiderman once said that “With power,  there comes great responsibility,” and it’s time for Rev. Jones to use his power of free speech responsibly before causing serious harm to two worlds. This contoversy is selfish and underming to our troops and citizens.

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