First edition errors inexcusable, detract from our pledge for truth

As a student-run publication that’s an extenstion of a classroom, we at the Tiger Hi-Line are used to learning on the job, and sometimes the lessons come from the embarrassing mistakes we make in the rush to meet our 10 a.m. weekly printing deadline.

From mispellings to failing to give each photo just the right treatment in Photoshop, we try to pick up from our missed steps every week and vow to come back having learned to prevent these mistakes from happening again.

Last week, our first edition, provided us with more missed steps to learn from than any of us can remember. First, in the news article on page two, “State patrol cracks down …,” driver education instructor Kevin Stewart was misquoted. The article should have quoted Stewart as saying, “If I’m driving and someone calls that I need to talk to, I will pull over and answer it.” We left out the three words in italics, and this paints Stewart in a light of incompetence, when it is actually us who were deserving of this label.

Then, as if this libelous oversight was not enough, on page 6, a student who is not even on the golf team was noted for hitting a ball out of a sand trap in a photo during a recent competition, yet the player was not competing in that event. He was not even wearing the required uniform, and the whole package of photos failed to provide even one shot of an actual member of the vasity men’s golf team that has been on a tear all season. We had the right shots. We failed to print them.

We deeply regret the damage we’ve done to these individuals, and we vow to take the lessons that we’ve learned from these mistakes and apply them toward the necessary steps of regaining a reputation for telling every story fully and to the best of our abilities.

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