Food drive a success for Cedar Valley

boxing cans

Cans here. Cans there. Cans everywhere! Before loading into the trailer on Wednesday, Nov. 18, there were canned food goods almost to the ceiling. The best part is that all of that food went to families who need it.

This year, Cedar Falls High School managed to raise about 22,000 cans of food.

“Interestingly enough, some of the smaller schools in the other division collected a tremendous amount for their size. Our school averaged 20.92 lbs per student, while Valley Lutheran High School collected over 90 pounds per student. Pretty amazing,” counselor Ryan Flaherty said.

This year, Cedar Falls managed to raise a little less than 2008, yet the school still came in first place for the most food raised in the large school division.

“I’m pleased that overall it went up by almost 10,000 pounds (for the Cedar Valley school totals) from last year. That’s a real plus,” Senior Leadership adviser and English teacher Diane Flaherty said. “Our numbers, however, were down from the last two years. I’m not disappointed, but with the economy how it is, the more we can do for those who have little, the better.”

Not only were Cedar Valley schools competing, but the CFHS classes were as well.

Science teacher Kenton Swartley came in fourth with an average of 10 cans per student. Third place went to choir teacher Kendra Wohlert with an average of 30 cans per student. Resource teacher Tammy Frahm earned second place with an average of 103 cans per student, and business teacher Matthew Flaherty won first place with 106 cans per student.

“I think it is something all students and adults should do. The students are learning something in class by doing this that they may very well be a part of when they get to the working  world as well,” Matthew Flaherty said.

During the food drive, teachers and students set up different projects for fund raising. In total, the high school managed to collect and spend over $7,000 toward the drive.

“It also makes me proud of the kids I have in class,  especially the ones that gave of time and money to help in this competition and very worthwhile cause,” Matthew Flaherty said.

“We wanted to take the time to help others during the holidays that didn’t have money to buy food,” senior Anna Wheeler said.

All of food and money that was raised will go to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank, which will then distribute the food and money to people who need it.

“It feels awesome. It is fun to help others,” senior Morgan Henriksen said.

“We should be happy knowing that we changed the lives of thousands of people in the area,” Senior Leadership member Brian Harris said.

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