Students follow differing plans for summer trips

Ben Sadkowski/Staff Writer

With summer approaching quickly, many high school students have begun making their summer plans.

Among these many voyages to escape Cedar Falls, a few manage to stand out and a sense of adventure. Juniors Amelia Sutton and Amelia McMurrin and sophomore Dan Harter all have their own unique destination and purpose in the summer.

“I am going on a backpacking trip in New Mexico with my Boy Scout troop.

The purpose of this trip is to gain a new respect for the outdoors and to learn a bit about the past of the Old West,” Harter said.

McMurrin is also heading west of Iowa, but for a completely different purpose.

“I am going to Winter Park, Colorado with a bunch of other high school students on Caravan. My purpose for going is to grow closer to God and be able to experience Him in the amazing nature of Colorado,” she said.

Finally, junior Amelia Sutton is not only heading in the opposite direction of the other two, but is going a far greater distance.

“I am traveling to France with high school students that take French with Madame Danforth (A French teacher at CFHS) to gain more of an understanding of the culture of France and to expand and enhance my French speaking ability,” she said.

All three students have great anticipation for spending time away from Iowa and to enjoy the sights.

“I’m looking forward to the food, seeing the historical sights, taking photos, having a blast and shopping. I’m also excited to stay with my host family, but really, really nervous at the same time,” Sutton said.

McMurrin is also very excited, but she has larger focus on nature.

“I’m really looking forward to climbing a mountain. I love looking down at everything from the top of a really high mountain. I would also love to go white water rafting for the first time,” McMurrin said.

Harter, however, takes a much simpler look at enjoying his trip.

“I’m looking forward to simply spending a few weeks away from society,” Harter said.
Despite the differences in their hopes for what enjoyment will come, all three students hope and feel that this coming voyage will be among their most treasured.

“I think this trip will rank really high up there because first of all, I always have an amazing time on Caravan, and second, Colorado is one of the most beautiful places ever and I love it,” McMurrin said.

Sutton was of close agreement.

“I think that this will be the most exciting. I’ve never been out of the country by myself before, especially for such a long time (two weeks),” she said.

Finally, Harter was in close accordance to the other two travelers.

“I probably won’t know until I get there. Hopefully towards the top,” he said.


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