Student debates promote young adult involvement

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Last Wednesday, ALPHA hosted a mock presidential debate between students, two on either side. The debate focused on important issues to the election like the economy and the war in Iraq.

The students, juniors Vinnie Stigliani, Mike Droste, Alex Entz and Alex Clopton, researched information on their candidates and their opposition.

Although the students were up-to-date on their current events already, they gained information they can use in real life and might otherwise not have known if there hadn’t been a debate.

And, given the attention the debate received, the information reached other students and community members.
It is our belief that information is the key to understanding who Barack Obama and John McCain are and what they believe.
Although it was kept to a half-hour time limit to match the airtime that Cedar Falls cable gives Hotline, much information and opinion was shared for both the Obama side and the McCain side.

We believe that getting students involved in the election process is very important, and that the debate was a great way to do so.

Any way that gets students involved in the political process should be promoted. The debate was a success, and we think did a great job of getting people involved.

Another way to get involved is to participate in the mock election that will be held at the high school on Oct. 31. You must be registered, though, which has closed.

And for those who will be 18 by election day, you can still register to vote at the Black Hawk County Courthouse. You can also register at your polling place, but since the expected turnout is high, it is recommended that you regsiter before election day, which is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

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