Holmes Junior High Principal taking medical leave for semester

Jillian Dally/Business Manager

Holmes Junior High Principal David Welter is planning on taking a medical leave after 10 years of being the head principal at Holmes Junior High School.

Welter was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, a form of cell cancer, in his throat. Welter left for treatment on March 3 to begin a seven-eight week program involving radiation and chemotherapy.

“I will promise to you that I will fight to achieve a victory over this disease so that I can continue to fulfill my life’s goal of seeing each and everyone become successful in life,” Welter said.

Welter’s recovery could take an additional eight weeks, and in his absence Dr. Dean Dreyer, former Holmes and CFHS principal, will take over along with current Assistant Principal Lynn Argotsinger.

“I am a survivor, and I have a loving family, friends, student body and staff for support,” Welter said.

Before Welter can leave for his treatments, he had to go through oral surgery. This included having his wisdom teeth pulled, which took seven-10 days to recover from. This is a standard procedure with head, neck and throat cancer.

“Guess I learn something new every day. I have worked hard to keep my teeth in good shape, but you have to do what you have to do,” Welter said.

Welter leaves Holmes with prayers and hope from all his students, past and present.

“I hope that Mr. Welter recovers very soon. He is a great person, a great educator and I enjoyed having him at Holmes. I wish him and his family the best,” junior Steven Danielsen said.
“My love for all of you runs deep, and I know that all of you are willing to help as needed. That is appreciated,” Welter said.

Welter does hope to be back at Holmes for next year.

“My wish is that we all take one day at a time, making the most of our individual talents and gifts knowing that when we lay our heads on our pillows at night we will rest well because we have used up all our potential for that day making a positive difference,” Welter said. 

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