Students create cards for fun, fundraising

Sara Strever/News Editor
Students in Bridget Bakula’s class are helping making to make the world a sweeter, happier place. Her resource class is doing a greeting cards fundraiser for supplies, field trips and for the simple reason of helping other people.

“The project is helping us for a multitude of reasons. First, it allows the students to work on a variety of vocational tasks. Second, it allows students to learn the concept of supply and demand. Third, it’s a great teamwork lesson. Last, but not least, it helps raise money for community experiences and classroom material needs,” Bakula said.

The class started creating little masterpieces in November and has made as many greeting cards for as many occasions as one can imagine.

“We’ve made tons of cards, for every holiday. We work on it during class down time. My favorite thing would be making the cards. I like making Valentine’s Day cards. It’s my favorite holiday,” senior Jessi Seawel said.

Everyone involved in this project has a different reason as to why they enjoy this project.
“I love seeing the students work together and how the cards come together with their creativity,” Bakula said.

Senior Zach Barnes looks at this project in a practical sense.
“ It taught me how to (make cards). I’ve never made cards before. It’s great if you want to give cards. Now you don’t have to go to the store. It’s a bargain,” Barnes said.

If students need a card for a special occasion, Bakula’s class is even up for making customized cards.

“The students create birthday, holiday, thank you, congratulations, and all occasion cards. We are also up to creating special request cards such as invitations for a baby shower or birthday party,” Bakula said.

This is not the first time the resource room has gone the extra mile to help other people.
“Not too long ago we went to the Salvation Army. We’ve also gone to River Hills and read to the little kids. I just like helping other people,” Barnes said.

Cards are sold for 50 cents and can be purchased in the office or in room 30, Bakula’s classroom.

“Who doesn’t love giving and receiving greeting cards? In this technology laden world, the rare written note or card is much appreciate. Everyone needs to buy cards for various occasions. When you buy them from us, you are helping your fellow classmates and the environment. We use recycled cards as much as possible,” Bakula said.

The Tiger-Hiline Online also features a vodcast made by Trevor Eastman, Mike Targoff and Tony Wright. an interview wtih Ms. Bakula and students about greeting cards.

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