Our View: If money talks …

By Courtney Carlo and Cyrus Moussavi 2005

It seems as though the theme for this year’s Super Bowl was patriotism. THat and, you know, Janet Jackson’s uhm-chk. But first and foremost, patriotism. Which is fitting. In fact, when you think about it, no other sporting event (besides the World Series) is more representative of America. But you can’t think of the Super Bowl without ignoring everything wholesome and charitable that we’ve ben taught to believe in.

The Super Bowl condenses 130 million Americans’ priorities into four hours of beer commercials and linebacker fury. Since everybody in America can’t be wrong, the Super Bowl becomes a pretty accurate measure of what we think is important. So what do we care about? Let’s break it down:

We had anti-tobacco and anti-drug commercials next to a Pepsi ad starring Jimi Hendrix and “Purple Haze,” the national anthem for acid freaks everywhere. We had some Ford commercials and quite a few beer ads. Somebody was talking about aliens. And during the half time show, the country had to bear witness to a drunken hick in an American flag poncho. Um, Janet Jackson … Is there any reason we shouldn’t be confused?

All the money and time that went into this production shows that Americans really care about the Super Bowl. The fact that this extra cash extravaganza featured absolutely nothing that culd further the casue of the human race may go to show that maybe our priorities are in the wrong place. If money talk, $76, 667 a second says a lot about the state of this union.


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