New Peet enrichment offers ‘Good Vibes’ for everyone

Among the Peet enrichment options this February is the Good Vibes option inspired by an originally small idea in one of the girl’s bathrooms at Peet. This idea was a religious wall where people could write anything on sticky notes and put them on the wall. Some were religious like Bible verses and others were just uplifting comments. 

This enrichment is shared by Jennifer Schultz and Alicia Wrage. Schultz said, “As you know the wall in the girl’s bathroom that kind of evolved, I don’t even know who started it, but when I got back from winter break and saw that it was gone. I was like ‘aw.’ It was an empty feeling. It was such a good positive thing when you walked into the bathroom and you saw it there and you saw how it grew. I was like ‘Hey, girls aren’t writing bad things about each other.  They are writing uplifting things even to the people who weren’t connected to the spiritual side of it too.”

The purpose of this enrichment is to spread the positivity that was just in the bathroom so that everyone can participate. Schultz said, “I want everyone to feel the way I did when I went in there. Like, for me, whenever I was having a rough time, I went in there and read a couple of them and felt better. I want others to feel that same way because school can be a very stressful and drama-filled place, so if there is some way we can connect with people in some way to make their day feel less heavy, I want that for them.”

This enrichment is more meant to be a student-led movement since the one in the bathroom was completely made by students. If anyone wants to be a part of this enrichment, all you have to do is email Schultz or Wrage. The first meeting is on Feb. 12.

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