New AI club hopes to highlight benefits beyond Chatbot GT

The new AI club aims to teach more students about AI as it continues to advance and become more common.

On Jan. 31 the AI club held its first meeting. This club is for students who want to learn more about AI. The club plans to meet every Wednesday during power hour shift one in room 52. The club is run by sophomore Saketh Baddam.

“I love AI. I want everyone to use AI. You can make so many things easier than just doing it by yourself with AI,” Baddam said.

When Baddam talked to his friends about AI, he found out that most people only think about engines such as ChatGPT. In the AI club he wants to show people other engines that make music, art, and more.

AI club also plans to have workshops and tutorials as well as guest speakers that forefront current workings of AI. Once they gain more members, they also hope to help the school by making posters, background music, etc. 

Although AI has been a controversial topic in recent years, Baddam wants people to give AI a chance. “They are taking your data, but they are also training AI to make your life better and easier, so there are positives and negatives.”

To learn more about AI club, join the schoology group page at AI Club Code: WV6B – GM67 – PBVW7.

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