Peet offers holiday-themed enrichments

In December, there were six seasonal enrichment activities at Peet. You can sign up for these enrichments if you are at the junior high and you can participate during Tiger Time. During December you could sign up for many seasonal activities such as watching a holiday movie, coloring winter themed color cheats, making holiday cookies or having a winter reading room. 

One of the movies you could watch was The Grinch. One person who ran this enrichment was English teacher Katelynn Rude. In this enrichment, you get snacks from the teachers and watch the live-action Grinch. Rude said, “The benefit of having a relaxing enrichment is that you get a break to relax your mind before afternoon classes. It is a great time to enjoy a movie, catch up with peers, and relax your mind.”

A lot of students were interested in this enrichment as 195 students originally signed up for the enrichment, although only 35 students could fit in the room. Rude said, “Thankfully we had a few teachers who were willing to take on the enrichment as well so we could have students from all three grade levels participating.”

Enrichments allow students to take a break in the middle of the school day. Rude said, “I would suggest someone join our enrichment because it gives you a chance to do something fun to break up the school day stress. It is also a great way to get in the spirit of winter break and connect with classmates.”

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