Healthy lives start with healthy food choices

According to the Disease Control Center, over 40 percent of Americans are obese and struggle with illnesses such as type two diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The causes of this phenomenon include the fact that the American population is overfed, overmedicated, over vaccinated and overstimulated due to social media, but one of the biggest reasons is the ultra processed foods Americans ingest on a daily basis. 

In fact Vladimer Putin passed a law that Russians who grow or sell genetically modified foods should be considered terrorists, and in addition, he is quoted as saying, “We Russians look over at the West, overfed, overmedicated,  overvacinated, sitting in front of boxes every night in their living rooms eating food with no nutrients, and we know it’s weakening the West.” 

And he’s right. Experts from Harvard and the National Institutes Of Health grouped up to discuss why the processing of cereals, breads and other grocery store items are causing Americans to gain weight. Kevin Hall said that initial research into diets high in ultra processed foods show strong links to overconsumption in the West. 

Hall decided to conduct a study where participants were randomized to either receive ultra processed diets or unprocessed diets for two weeks, then subsequently switch diets the following two weeks. “What we found was that people consuming the ultra processed foods ate about 500 calories over what the others on the unprocessed diet ate despite them eating relatively the same things throughout the two weeks.” 

The people on the UP (ultra processed) diet gained both weight, body fat and began to feel “really down on themselves,” whereas the people on the UNP (Unprocessed) diet lost weight, body fat and started to feel really good both physically and mentally. 

These over processed foods also have an effect on your mood and activity. Processed foods have a “downer effect,” which means essentially that the foods weigh down on your mood and activity, and activity is extremely important to your happiness. 

In a newer study scientists have found that when you contract your muscles, they secrete these proteins into your bloodstream that make you resilient to stress and can protect you from depression. The scientists called them ‘Hope Molecules.” 

Basically, your muscles are producing antidepressant molecules and the only way to get them into your bloodstream is to contract your muscles, so you pretty much have a pharmacy within your muscles that you can only access through any type of exercise like walking, running, lifting—even things like skating. 

And these over processed foods are preventing thousands of millions of Americans from accessing this internal pharmacy causing them to think there is something wrong with them, so they go to doctors that prescribe unnecessary medications, so now this person (one of millions) in addition to being overfed, inactive and, due to that inactivity with no other source of entertainment aside from social media, overstimulated, now they’re also overmedicated, which with most antidepressants like lithium causes the patient to feel dull or empty, which will cause more overeating, more inactivity and more medication because they don’t think they are getting better. 

So it’s this endless repetitive cycle of unhappiness that millions of people fall victim to every day and it all starts with the ultra processed foods and GMOs inside of the “healthy foods.”

If that was not enough to convince you to not eat actual garbage here is a list of side effects: Increased risk of cognitive decline,weight gain (obviously),increased risk of depression,high blood pressure,acne,destruction of your gut biome,cardiovascular disease,heart attacks and stroke,early death,negative effects on your hormones,less focus,chronic inflammation, dementia,cancer, general poorer brain health,and much more but I don’t care to list all of that.

My solutions.

It is very easy to fall victim to this epidemic, but here are things I personally do to not feed into it: I don’t eat meat, I refuse any kind of sugar unless I know what’s inside of it or who made it, I actively eat eight vegetables and five fruits a day minimum, I don’t eat fast food ever, I don’t eat at restaurants, I only eat what I make, and I drink 3x as much water than the food I consume.

Soon I also plan to only eat raw fruit and vegetables because that is the most optimal human diet. 

None of this is to say you have to stop eating the foods you love. To be completely transparent, I don’t care at all what you do, but you can’t blame outside forces for something you can control, I.E.- your health and happiness. 

And you can still eat processed garbage because I still do even though I’m a complete freak about my health. It’s more like I’m just advising you to make better choices for yourself and your future (not that this really matters all that much, but in addition to bettering your health, eating organic foods and unprocessed foods will keep you young, acne free, disease free in old age and still able bodied in your old age.) 

But like I said, if you don’t wanna do any of this, then fine. There’s no gun to your head in this situation, but if you really actually care about your health and happiness, then there’s my advice and information on the topic.


And the rest of the information came from me.

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