Now’s the time to plan grad parties

As the school year comes to an end, the seniors are thinking about their graduation party; which (to some) is bigger than that of their 16th birthday, but how can you make that day bigger than your big one-six?

For some, it’s most likely all the pictures through the years spread out and displayed on a table. While for others, it’s finding a place to hold the party and finding a theme to go with.

Lastly, you have those who want to craft and design their graduation decorations.

So, to those who are dedicated to creating a crafty grad party, here are some craft ideas for you!

Firstly, you can make a place where your attending guests can write down memories of the past, congratulations or their words of wisdom for the now (or almost) 18-year-old.

These things could be placed in a simple jar or box, with decorations on them.

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Next, on every graduating high schooler’s list for a grad party is the photo wall where everyone can see you grow up. There are many things that you could do for the wall of memories.

The easiest thing would probably be sticking the photos onto cardboard, but what if you wanted to keep the photos afterward and put them back in a frame? You wouldn’t want to risk taking the tape off of it and ripping the back of the image off.

One idea, although less of a wall (and a craft), would be to use string lights and have clothespins that will keep the pictures hanging off of the string lights. You could also get string lights that have clothespins almost built-in to the design.

The string lights could be hanging from the left to the right of the wall, or they could hang from the ceiling and go down.

Or, if you don’t want your images to be lit up, you could use ropes instead of string lights, once again, going from one side of the wall to the next side going in rows, or, maybe going from one strand of rope (or something along the lines of a rope) and having different strands of pictures coming down from it. However, the second one would be a bit harder to use with clothing pins, so you might have to use sticky tack to keep the images on the strings.

If you don’t want your images hanging in the wind, then you could use shelves that you can stick up onto a wall and use framed images, or you can use wooden planks, drill small metal wires into the planks and (once again) use clothes pins to connect the chosen pictures to the display.

There are many different things you can do for a picture wall, but another popular thing at parties is the games. There are a variety of games that you can have featured at your graduation party.

Some of these things could be pin the tail on the donkey; graduation cap edition.

You can also go with the classic corn hole, or you can change it up like senior Alexis Roby who will be doing an “All About Me” quiz on Kahoot at the graduation party.

Most important is it’s your day, so go with whatever makes you happy for your graduation party.

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