Junior high music department sharing multiple performances

Tis’ the season for winter concerts. The Peet choir sang on Dec. 19, and the band will be playing in January and orchestra will be playing in February.

The Peet choir has already sung on Tuesday, Dec. 19. At this concert Melodies also sang. The concert was at Peet, and Melodies and the ninth grade sang two pieces. The ninth grade choir sang “Bidi Bom” and “The Night Before Christmas.”

The Peet Melodies sang “A Lullabye” and “The Spinning Song.” Claire Warby is in both of these choirs. She said, “I like that one song in each choir has kind of some neutral syllables. ‘Bidi Bom’ and ‘The Spinning Song’ both have parts that are only nonsense words like ‘bom bidi bom’ or ‘bee de baa.’” 

The Peet band concert will be performing their concert on Jan. 30 at Peet Junior High. The ninth grade band will be performing two pieces. They are called “National Emblem” and “Appalachian Morning.”

Aarya Phuke is a flutist in the ninth grade band. She said, “I’m most excited for ‘Appalachian Morning’ because toward the end the flutes have to hold a note, and we have to be in tune, and it’s hard but fun.” The two songs are very different from each other since “Appalachian Morning” is a slower piece while “National Emblem” is a fast-paced piece. 

Peet and Holmes orchestra will perform its winter concert at Holmes Junior High on Feb. 15. The ninth grade orchestra will be showcasing three pieces. These pieces are “Inverno,” “Red Rocks Suite” and “Mythos.”

Orchestra member and cellist Penelope Hitchman said, “I am excited about ‘Red Rocks Suite’ because it sounds really pretty. Also, it seems like a step up from our usual music because it is a suite.” The piece “Inverno” is interesting because it is an arrangement of Vivaldi’s “Winter.”

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