New ASL club invites all to learn language

A new ASL club hopes to raise awareness for ASL users and plans to teach club members as much ASL possible.

On Friday, Oct. 3, the ASL club had its first set of meetings discussing the new ASL club informing new members of how the club works and its goals. The club plans to meet and teach ASL to students on Tuesdays during first shift power hour in portable 1 and Thursdays second shift power hour in room 107. The club members recommend that those interested should come once a week. Although the start has been a little bit rocky, they hope to set up a Schoology page soon.

“It’s definitely been a little bit challenging because there is so much that goes into play and you want to make sure you do everything right. You want to make sure you have your trusted sources to make sure you’re teaching the right thing,” junior Isabelle Aries, a leader of ASL club, said.

Aries, who used to have deaf neighbors, was inspired to learn ASL and now said she wishes to teach other students ASL as she finds it very important to help with communication with the deaf community.

“It’s important because it’s a very strong thing to learn for people with disabilities,” Aries said,  “We want to accommodate them the best that we can because it’s something that’s out of their control. They didn’t choose to be deaf.”

For people who miss a day of ASL, they will be able to watch a video on what the other club members did that day. Of course, for those who miss a day, there is no need to worry as the meetings each week are optional. The club doesn’t have any events planned so far but wishes to bring deaf volunteers in to get students more experience with the deaf community.

“We’ve had over 70 people be interested in the ASL club.” Aries said. “I’m excited to be teaching people something I am very passionate about, and it’s just a way to get invol

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