Returning Peet Student Council members plan for future

Student Council at Peet kicked off last week with 23 members in total on the team. Student Council is going to look a little different this year.

 This year the school voted spots, president, vice president and director of public relations are no longer a thing.  

Peet freshman Avery Rogers is coming back to Student Council for her third year on the team. She said, “When the whole school votes for it no one watches the campaign videos. Nobody really pays attention to the posters. The people themselves pick whoever they like better. It’s more of a popularity contest.”

Instead of school voted spots, the Student Council wanted leaders. Rogers said, “I would like leaders of certain committees and fundraiser plannings, which I think are starting to figure out. In our last meeting we split up into what event we wanted to do and help coordinate, and one person from each pretty much took charge.”

Peet freshman Aarya Phuke is a returning member of Student Council for her second year. She said, “I feel like certain people have more roles than everyone else. I want everyone to participate in Student Council instead of these people that do more than other people. I don’t have a big role. I’m just a person in Student Council.” 

With Student Council changing so much, returning members are trying to reflect on past years and always working to improve its student lead leadership group.

Peet eighth grader Henry Castle is returning to Student Council for his second year as a member. He said, “I think a little bit more organization, I feel like sometimes we didn’t know what was happening; other times there were a lot of things to keep track of. I wish we had more meetings often because we only have a meeting once a month, and I feel like we’d get more work done if it was twice a month.” 

In addition to all the changes, a new student-run Instagram page was added in August. Castle said, “It’s just for people to see what’s going on at school and for people who are interested in learning about us.”

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