Teacher Feature: Science teacher Jason Lang

Science teacher Jason Lang is an exceptional teacher, known for his dedication to creating a positive and engaging classroom environment. “I’ve always tried to make sure my students are welcome,” he said. “Starting class with a ‘Good Morning/Afternoon’ and ending with ‘Thanks for your hard work, have a great day’ sets the tone.” For Lang, fostering a comfortable atmosphere is essential for productive learning experiences.

He said he is invested in his students’ success, Lang values forming positive relationships. “I genuinely care about their well-being,” by building trust and empathy, as well as creating a supportive space where students feel valued and empowered to excel.

Despite facing challenges, such as distractions and outside pressures, Lang remains committed to his passion for teaching. “My biggest challenge is staying focused,” he said.

Sophomore Kennedy Yokem, one of Lang’s students, speaks highly of him. “He allows every single student to get engaged,” Kennedy said. Yokem appreciates Lang’s inclusive teaching style and interactive activities, where everyone’s perspectives are valued.

Moreover, Yokem admires Lang’s fairness and non-discriminatory approach. “He doesn’t discriminate based on anything.”

¬†Lang’s exceptional qualities as a teacher, including his focus on creating a positive environment, forming meaningful relationships and overcoming challenges make him a beloved and influential figure in the lives of his students. Through his dedication to inclusive teaching practices and unwavering commitment to

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