Fashion Sense: Aaliyah Plunkett-Kruse

Junior Aaliyah Plunkett-Kruse is the first Model of the Week to be featured in a new school series.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

A: From my platforms like TikTok and Pinterest. I follow a lot of influencers that I see daily for inspiration.


Q: What are some color combinations you recommend?

A: Pink and red! Black; neutral colors pretty much go with anything, so you can go with a bright color and just add black, grey or an off white. Those look really nice.


Q: What is a go-to/staple piece?

A: Accessories like hair clips and bows and stuff. Certain pieces go with certain colors.  Accessories make an outfit.


Q: Where do you shop and how do you afford your clothes?

A: Lot’s of thrift stores are really fun to just check out. You can get like a lot of interesting clothing there. Also, just, I like to shop cheap in general, so Walmart or anything works.


Q: Who do you look up to for inspiration? Is it a celebrity or another student?

A: Definitely students in this school have really inspired me. I don’t know like their names or anything because I see them in the hallways, but they always look really cool. Azunie Jenkins is one of my inspirations.


Q: Are your outfits seasonal or do they work year round?

A: They are very seasonal, but I do not care about weather, so I kinda just wear them when I want to depending on how I’m feeling.

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