Take journalism classes

If you are a recurring reader of the Tiger Hi-Line, odds are you would enjoy writing for it. 

For the past three years I have been taking journalism classes here at CFHS, and as these three years come to an end, I would highly encourage students to try it out. The class can cater to your own preferences because you get to decide what you write about. 

You have a lot of freedom to try new things with your writing and you’re encouraged to expand into topics you may not have explored before. If there is something that you deem as important that you don’t think gets enough attention as it should, you have the power to bring it to light with your writing. We often have the tendency to be silenced by the world around us, but being able to write can help you find your voice and make that voice heard. Sometimes people just need to be heard. 

Your perspective is important and taking journalism can open your eyes to new perspectives, different ideas and can help strengthen your ability to find what you’re passionate about.

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