Working from home may be right for you

In today’s work culture, many things have changed about how people work. For most of the past 100 years the common way of working a job has been to leave your home and go to an office, factory, institution or wherever your career takes place. Even to towns or cities far away. 

Now with today’s new technologies work can take place anywhere! Your home, garage, or even the beach! For example, during the pandemic, many businesses determined their work force could have meetings from home and complete desk work needed done, right from their homes. Emails, accounting, meetings, all from home. To think that even a surgeon can work remotely, with the use of virtual reality! 

There are so many good reasons to work from home: no dealing with driving through rush hour traffic, less need to buy clothing, less anxiety, decrease of work/ life conflicts, decreased pollution even. A person can get more work done, fewer distractions from other employees and improve wellness and fitness while taking a break to  walk your dog. 

But there are also reasons that work from home could be challenging. There’s procrastination or maybe not feeling very professional, blurred work life balance and employee isolation. 

So definitely a balance is required, in how you go about working from home. Setting boundaries between work and life is important. Establishing a work zone, and always a must is to have a routine set up: wake at a certain time, prepare for the day and get dressed! 

In a recent article by huffpost, according to psychologist Devon Patterson, ““There’s something called stimulus control where your behaviors are determined by a certain set of cues,” Patterson said. “Some people may have an easier time being productive if they recreate the cues associated with their productivity. If they’re getting dressed, that puts them in the mindset to work or study.”

If you are someone who likes the idea of being in control of their day and having good work from home ethics, then there are an abundance of jobs that can be done from home, and not necessarily a virtual surgeon! 

According to some of the top most interesting easy and appealing home based businesses in 2023 could be dog walking or grooming, personal assistant or more skilled jobs like holding an online course for the students of all ages and all subjects.

Personally rewarding jobs could be creative careers like an artist or a writer who writes for blogging websites. A crafts person who creates beautiful creations, a photo editor, jewelry designer, or freelance graphic designer are other options. The success is dependent on finding your audience, but with 8 billion people on the planet, that can’t be too hard if you put time into it. 

A currently trending home business is subscription boxes that range in product boxes that can contain such things as candles, toys, craft projects, gourmet food items and other goods that cater to a variety of tastes delivered on a monthly basis. A popular “new age” supplies subscription box from trendy Olde Magick Supplies in Prescott, Ontario, has years of experience in building a subscription box service. Here is some good advice from Ms.Magick herself:

What advice can you give someone who is interested in a home based subscription box business?

“Subscription boxes are a great way to make revenue. To start up you need to know the demographic of your customers. What they want or need. Product has to be exceptional quality. You have to make sure they are getting what they are paying for.”

The cons.

  • Competition
  • High subscription rate
  • Uncertain Revenue in startup up phase
  • Initial sign up avoidance
  • Constant need to provide new value

The Pros

  • Unlimited Revenue
  • Your own business
  • Your own hours
  • Growing a business 
  • Growing a customer base
  • Subscription businesses can lock customers for a long duration 6 months to 12 months.
  • Online shopping is more and more popular!

So if you dislike the idea of reporting into the same building day after day, navigating traffic and working in confined time and space, or if you want to feel independent of big business, lay offs and the imbalance of work and life, and if you think that you can work in a disciplined way, home based work can be an opportunity to take advantage of your talents and bring some craftsmanship or unique skills into the world.

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