Students reflect on favorite PE unit

In school, students had many different units that they went through in their physical education classes, including swimming, biking, basketball, and pickleball. 

Holmes PE teacher Matthew Mackenzie said he enjoys spending time with his students more than the individual units. Mackenzie said, “I love teaching every unit. Teaching the students at Holmes is always fun no matter what the activity is.”

Junior Kresten Davis said he feels more comfortable with sports he has experience with. Davis said, “My favorite unit in PE this year was softball. I liked it because I’ve played a lot of baseball, so I have skills from that that transferred over.”

Some students like to focus the most on the competition aspect of the game. “My favorite unit would definitely have to be badminton, I think. I really enjoy badminton because it is really fun for me, and it can also get really competitive,” junior Noah Anderson said.

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