Seniors share college, career plans

With only four days left until commencement for the graduating class of 2023, decision time has made its way here. Many seniors are planning on going to college, some in Iowa and some not.

 Summer Halsor is planning on attending Kansas State University to study social work. She said, “I’m planning on staying there for about four years. After college I’m hoping to have my Masters degree and move into government work with the VA and just help with social work and counseling.”

Maddie Sagers is planning on attending Grand Canyon University and studying marketing and advertising. “I took a lot of business classes here at the high school, and I really enjoyed them. My mom has been a big inspiration for this because she does a lot of marketing for my dad’s tennis club. My goal is to meet new people and have fun.”

Cassiel Taylor is planning on going to college out of state to study linguistics. Taylor is still settling on a school. “It depends on where I get accepted. My goals for college are hoping to get my Bachelor’s degree at least to start and planning on majoring in linguistics. What got me interested in linguistics is when I started doing research on it, and it was really interesting to me. I’ve remained interested since, and one that I’ve stayed interested in for a long period of time. The person that inspired me to go into linguistics was probably my French teacher in junior high.”

Akshat Mehta is planning on attending Brown University to study public health. “What made me interested in public health is honestly my love for people and science, so I wanted to do something that merges both of those interests. My inspiration to go into public health was Joshua Wilkinson, head of the Cedar Falls High School mathematics department. My goal is to emulate my idols, which would be Barack Obama, Joshua Wilkinson and Brett Egan. I want to make myself into a person who gives something back to everyone around me and every interaction. That’s something I think I’ve seen from those people. Honestly, I just live in the moment so much that it doesn’t seem real.”

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