Practice tests assist in AP test prep

With AP tests this week, students share their study habits and preparations. Some students who are in multiple AP classes start studying weeks in advance while others with only one may not start preparing until a week beforehand.

Sophomore Amy Tran starts to study for her tests a couple months or a few weeks before the test date depending on the number of units to review. She chooses what to study “by the weight of each unit on the test and unit number.” Tran starts with the most recent unit and works her way back to the earlier content in the class.  She said, “I try to set aside a couple hours every day to study, but it fluctuates with my schedule.”

Tran shared two study tips that have helped her prepare for AP testing. “Have a study schedule that you stick to and people to help you stick to it. And reading notes and then doing questions or reviewing with others verbally.” 

This year is sophomore Eliza Kirschenmann’s first time taking an AP test. She, like many students, didn’t start studying for the test until a week beforehand. So far she has found practice tests to be most useful in her preparation. She said, “Taking practice tests and seeing what I got wrong and using that to guide me to topics that I need to focus on.”

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