Three seniors designing class T-shirt to remember fellow classmate

With less than eight weeks left of school for the graduating class of 2023, the time has come for the annual graduation T-shirt designing spree. As part of the tradition, three students are selected for this task. This year’s T-shirt will focus on the memory of Eli Flint. Gillian McRae, one of the seniors selected to design these shirts said, “The inspiration for graduation T-shirts was something that would incorporate the year we graduate and the year we started school. We also wanted this design to be something simple that would allow all students with different styles to be satisfied with wearing it after we graduate. We are honoring Eli Flint by incorporating the hashtag #TeamEli into the T-shirt.” Lainey Schreiber and Johnna Dieken are the other two volunteer designers of the shirt.

She also said that there will be an online link to purchase these shirts once they become available. 

McRae said, “We believe it is important to stay connected as a class, and the shirt represents an opportunity to have something we can all wear that represents every person in our class. It will hopefully be an item that carries great memories for individuals in our class.” 

Adviser Julie Cuvelier said, “It has been a tradition at CFHS that seniors design a shirt. We have also always printed the names on the back of every member of the graduating class. This has made the shirt priceless as we look back on shirts from the past.” 

But with the unfortunate passing of Eli Flint, the girls have decided to remember him. Culvelier said, “I am proud that Eli was able to still get his degree while he battled the C-word [cancer]. I have so much respect for the amount of hard work and determination that would have taken. He always had a smile as well.” 

She said the three volunteer designers have done a great job on the shirt.“The students designing did step up to complete this in a time when life is truly pretty busy for the graduating class. The design is classy and speaks to their time at CFHS.  It celebrates their community and pride in being a Tiger.” 

For anyone interested in purchasing a shirt, Cuvelier said, “We will publish a Google order form. The shirts will arrive and be distributed from Room 272 in business with Ms. Cuvelier.  Cost is yet to be determined.”

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