Ramadan arrives for some students

Every year there is one month where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. This holy month is for people to get closer to God and also cleanse for all the sins and start new. Sophomore Kenny Hernandez said, “I know there are a lot of NBA players and music artists that participate in Ramadan, but I heard its good for your body to make it rest for that specific time and prevent a lot of illnesses.”

Many people when they hear what we do for ramadan think we are starving ourselves and not drinking even water but its not as bad as people think it is when asked another student sophomore NIck Grover what he thinks of ramadan he said “I think it’s really impressive that people do it because I heard as the day goes on, it’s longer and longer the fasting time, but me personally I don’t think I can do it.”

 Sophomore Bellmen Bervic participates in Ramadan. “Every year Ramadan falls in a different month because it’s in a different calendar. Tis year it fell in April. Every year it’s 11 days earlier than the past year. Ramadan is where an individual fasts from sunrise to sunset. Some people’s sleep schedule changes, but what my family do is we go to bed and then an hour before sunrise we get up and we eat a lot of food. Food that my mother makes and then we go to bed. By doing that it limits hunger and thirst during the day. We do that for the whole month, and then after that we celebrate Eid. Eid is where we are done with the month of Ramadan and our whole family comes together and gathers during sunrise to celebrate the end of Ramadan.”

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