Junior high students share music favorites

Music can serve as a form of expression for people, as well as a release of emotions. Students in the junior high level can feel very passionately about their music choices. 

Seventh grader Penny Dein said for her favorite music, “I listen to pop music and sad music. I like Juice Wrld, Lil Peep and Cain. I like to listen to sadder music because when I’m lonely, I’ll start listening to music.”

Ninth grader Henry Funk said, “I either listen to slow, sad music or upbeat, positive music. I like Em Beihold and Leah Kate. I listen to this type of music because it relates to my mood usually. Like when I’m sad then I’ll want to listen to sad music and when I’m happy and energetic I’ll listen to either sad songs because I like them or songs that are more fun and happy.”

Ninth grader Megan Engdahl said, “I like to listen to pop music. My favorite artist is Taylor Swift. There’s a song that will fit any kind of emotion I experience. The music always makes me feel better.”

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