Holmes bands perform

Holmes Junior High had its winter band concert on Jan. 31 in the Holmes gym. The seventh grade band, eighth grade band, ninth grade band and jazz band all performed.

First, the seventh grade band performed two pieces, “Groovee” by Richard L. Saucedo and “Pulse Pounding” by Sean O’Laughlin. 

Next, the eighth grade band performed “The Chase” by Michael Story and “Above the World” by Rob Grice. According to eighth grader Isabella O’Brien, “I felt like the eighth grade band really improved in their cohesiveness and that they enjoyed the pieces they played.”

Up next was the ninth grade band playing “Ghost Fleet” by Robert Sheldon and “Fanfare for the Third Planet” by Richard L. Saucedo. Henry Funk plays in 9th grade band and jazz band. He said, “I think that the ninth grade band did very well for their performance. They got the right melody, and you could tell that they were telling stories through music.”

To close the concert, the jazz band performed two pieces, “Big Cat Groove” by Doug Beach and “Land of Make Believe” by Mangione. Ninth grader Henry Funk said, “I think the jazz band did very well. We played all the songs very well, and the soloists did a fantastic job. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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