Students conflicted on Kayne

Kanye West has been a household name for decades, but now he is even more popular, but for all the wrong reasons. In the light of recent controversy surrounding Kanye, he has made his opinions very public, and has received backlash from the entire world after his anti-semitic comments. 

As expected from the media, many quotes have been taken out of context, and words have been twisted, but the overall message is offensive and has been perceived as very hurtful by the Jewish community. Recently it has been hard to remember that Kanye ever even made music, with his name now being affiliated with pretty much everything except music. 

Kanye has lost everything he once had. His family, friends and even over $2 billion dollars in endorsements. While this would be devastating to anyone else, Kanye says he now feels “free.” 

While Kanye’s individuality remains unmatched, he has lost a big following, and has hurt his reputation with the offensive remarks and statements he has made. While everyone has opinions, no one is quite as opinionated as Kanye is, although these Cedar Falls students do come close. 

When asked their thoughts on him, these were the responses:  “Kanye is a very extroverted person, lyrical genius and I think he is misunderstood,” “I miss the old Kanye,” “He’s immature and needs help,” “He makes good music,” “Not a fan,” “Genius,” “He is actually crazy,” “Very arrogant,” “ He’s the best rapper of all time,” “ He was my #1 Spotify artist this year,” “Crazy,” “He’s a great individual,” “Bi-polar and racist,” along with many people responding with “No comment.” Kanye legally changed his name in 2018 to Ye, and many people are dissociating with Ye, claiming that they really aren’t the same person. Some of his recent actions can be evidence to that. While people may feel this way, he is the same person he was, the person that the world once cherished and appreciated. 

While we have seen the rise and fall of Kanye, the question is if he will ever come back from all of this and win back the hearts of his fans.

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