Juniors share perspectives on maintaining grades

Some students have difficulty of having and posting good grades. Junior Nick Grover said, “Maintaining a good grade is not really easy. I say that because of the new employability skill grading strand. I mean it’s easy to get a 4 on it, but sometimes I take extra time on the assignment the teacher gave us so I can give the teacher some quality work, and when I do that that really affects my grade because they give me a 1 on the employability skill strand, but now I try my best to rush through some homework, so I can get good grades, but I also give my best effort on it.”

Other students struggle with other things to maintain their good grades. Junior Tristan Raisty said, “Maintaining a good grade through the whole semester is kinda hard for me because I have classes that are really hard for me and some that are easy, and some of the classes as the semester goes the units get harder and harder. I think teachers should have their units go from hardest to easiest because then like that at least the student is confident that they are going to end with good grades and plus at the end of the semester we have finals I feel like that don’t really affect are grades that much, but still I try my best, so at least it puts me in a good spot with how my grade is going to end.”

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