‘Instructions Not Included’ may be among Derbez’s best

Instructions Not Included, a Mexican drama/comedy brought many laughs and tears. This movie starring Eugenio Derbez playing playboy Valentin got a huge surprise when one of the women he had a fling with got pregnant. 

Her name was Julie, played by Jessica Lindsey. One day Valentin got a knock on the door, and it was Julie holding a baby. Julie had said that her baby is his and that he has to take care of her since she couldn’t anymore. Valentin later had to take care of the baby, and he began his journey by going to the United States to look for the mother of Maggie ( Loreto Peralta). Valentin was trying to look for Julie in all the places she had worked. 

Later on, Maggie began to get older and wondered where her mother was. Valentin decided to make it as Julie has been all over the world and she has met a bunch of famous people so that Maggie wouldn’t forget her mom. 

One day Valentin got a call from someone, and it was Julie. Julie wanted to see her daughter again, and he let her. Maggie was super happy that she got to see her mom. Julie now wanted to start taking care of her, but she lived all the way in New York. Valentine later found out that Maggie had an illness and was going to die soon. There was a custody battle between Valentin and Julie. Valentin found out that he wasn’t Maggie’s father, and he was left heartbroken, so then he kidnapped Maggie and took her back to his hometown.

Now I don’t wanna spoil what happens next, but this movie was very funny and the way the actors played their parts in this movie was incredible. The emotions, the acting—everything was very well played out. 

The ending of the movie was very heartbreaking, it truly tugs at your heart and makes the tears flow.  Eugenio Derbez is such a good actor, one of Mexico’s best actors actually. Growing up watching the shows and movies that he has directed and has been part of has been amazing. You can see the growth and how the actor plays different characters really well and it is truly amazing.  He has done a very good job playing the funny characters and the serious characters. He really puts all his emotions into the character that he has to portray and it’s very cool to see. This movie I would say is one of the best movies he has directed and played his character well. I recommend this movie 10/10.

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