Students adjusting to school

Sophomores are finally gaining comfort in their new school surroundings and classmates. Senior Steven Williams, on the other hand, is “Ready to graduate and move on” with his life. 

Two sophomore students, Emma Schmiesing and Eylse Wildeboer, are looking forward to the upcoming second semester. They say that they’re favorite part of this new beginning has been “Making friends and meeting all the new teachers. I never expected high school teachers to be so different when compared to middle school,” Wildeboer said. 

Williams said he is also looking forward. “I’m excited for my second semester welding class. One of my favorite parts of school these last few years  has been learning how to weld properly. It’s something I actually want to pursue in the future, so it’s enjoyable to have a class full of it.” Williams is finishing his core classes this semester and has a release for the final half of the day. “Release is a really cool privilege to have in senior year. You can leave to go make money at your job or you can go home and rest.” 

When talking about his most overwhelming experiences and stress, he said, “Work is a really big part of my life right now. The most stressful was when I was switching jobs and balancing school at the same time.”

Schmiesing, however, said her most stressful experience was “Spanish. It’s hard to learn a new language and keep learning it while also being in classes like math, English and history.” Schmiesing said “Volleyball is something that’s keeping my anxiety down. Doing an extracurricular activity is a fun way to let energy out while still being around newer people and different surroundings.” 

Wildeboer said a big accomplishment so far this year has been “keeping up with my grades is something I’m most proud of. It’s nice being able to say I have steady grades starting my high school years.” 

For Williams, his biggest accomplishment has been “learning how to weld properly. I really used my senior year to my benefit and tried to explore my passions. Going through classes like autos, welding and a little bit of I.T. has given me proof of what I want in my future career.”

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