Need for Speed: Unbound updates some things

Need for Speed: Unbound is the newest addition to the Need for Speed franchise set to release on Nov. 29. 

This is going to be in a very different format compared to the old Need for Speed games in which to gain some of the cars you will have to race rivals and win to collect their cars as sort of a bounty reward. The art style also has a twist to it where unlike the previous game Need for Speed: Heat in where they were trying to go more realistic and get the cars to look more like what Grand Turismo has been producing, Unbound went for an anime style with a comic book effects for the tire smoke when drifting to the actual characters looking straight out of a TV episode. 

The retail price for Unbound will be $60 on the older gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox series S, $70 for the new gen PS5 and Xbox series X, and for PC it will be $60.

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